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Kraft Liner Board Specialists

Worldwide's location near major KLB mills provides shippers of Kraft Liner Board with a compelling solution for KLB headed to South America, Europe, and Asia.  Worldwide currently sends breakbulk ships to South America and the Dominican Republic and is working to establish a European/Med. breakbulk KLB service as well.

Breakbulk and General Cargo Operations

Worldwide's competencies in general breakbulk cargo operations are unmatched in the region.  We have loaded and discharged woodpulp, steel, and lumber for G2 Ocean, Saga, and other major shipping lines.

Value-Add Container Cargo Services

For customers such as Schuyler Line and Somers Isle Shipping, Worldwide provides more specialized container cargo services.  We can provide smaller container ship lines chassis repairs, container repairs, maintenance, flatrack stuffing, stripping, warehousing, distribution, and logistics management including trucking services.

Project Cargo and Specialty Operations