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Worldwide Terminals Applauds Interlocal Agreement

Tonight was a good night for our Port and our City.

Despite an attempt by Mayor Lednovich to derail the negotiated efforts of the City and OHPA, the Fernandina Beach City Commission overwhelmingly rejected the inflammatory rhetoric and allowed common sense to prevail, voting 4-1 to pass an interlocal agreement.

This agreement demonstrates the commitment of the Ocean, Highway and Port Authority and the City of Fernandina Beach to preserve the City’s historic district.

During the last delegation meeting, the Nassau County Legislative Delegation expressed their desire to see the City and the Port Authority resolve this issue locally without a need for state preemption. It is our belief that this desire on the part of the delegation brokered the necessary conditions for this important dialogue to take place.

It is sad that tonight's progress was overshadowed by the comments of one commissioner. We condemn the language used by Mayor Lednovich, who has been extremely open with his bias against Worldwide Terminals during city commission meetings. It is outrageous that he would evoke a violent expression, accusing Worldwide Terminals of being a “dagger to the throat” of our City. Worldwide Terminals Fernandina provides nearly 100 full and part-time jobs to the citizens of Nassau County, with an average total compensation of nearly $80,000 per year. Despite his fears of industrialists joining the City Commission, a Mayor with a modicum of civility and common sense would be a welcome change.

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