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Worldwide Terminals Launches OurCommunity Page

As Worldwide Terminals continues to engage in community outreach with the citizens of our area, we have developed a page on our website to supplement the e-mail address.

Those who wish to ask questions, make comments or report concerns they see around the community may visit, and click the "OurCommunity" button.

For desktop users, this link will be in the upper right corner of the page.

For mobile users it will be towards the top in the middle of the page.

From there community members may reach out to use directly, provide information and context, and upload image attachments as large at 25mb. Those with larger attachments should e-mail them directly.

In order to stay current on upcoming events at the Port, we encourage all citizens to subscribe on the website to receive updates from Worldwide Terminals.

Direct Link: OurCommunity | Worldwide Terminals

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